Huge Game help

Hiya! im not exactly a newb im really good just forgot some stuff over my break from animation lol. anyway im working on my own KH game but im having a bit of problems with a few aspects of it:

~ stands for completed
X stands for incompleted
/ stands for pending

Character selection /
between roxas sora and riku

Two Player ability(online if possible)

Music X not much of a clue on how to do this im sure things have changed in my break.

Kingdom Hearts battle style /
now i can probably get moving and attacking down, but im still a bit lost with hit tests and life bars

drive gauge life bar and magic bar X


background placing~

background movement /

character movement X the movement is RPG sidescroller and BeatemUp all in one. i know that might be next to impposible but i wanna try before going lower.

Actually using different magic abillities X

Command menu /

if i think of anything else i will post and becuase of course i know the importance of trying ill be working on it my self and also searching on goole for solutions to my problems, thanks in advance,
KH spriter ~Rave~