Humanity - 3D Cartoon Image

Here the last thing I created. It just came to my mind. The scene represents us, the human.

What are those big black things?

duuh, charred burgers :crazy:

j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it’s called ear-muffs?

Those hamburger buns look kind of stale. How could they be stale though?

Seriously, I really like it. The earth and the belt look A+++++. Nice job!

they are headphones or a thing like that. I didnt do the connection between them.

Aaaaaaaaah. They look like muffins or sumtin to me :beam:

Nice job though :thumb:

Its princess le… oh wait, yeah, headphones, thats it

Brown breast implants?

They are whatever you say. Man forget about that 2 things. :slight_smile: Focus on the general.

so what you’re saying is that we, the humans, are too consumed with the earth to be able to avoid the inevitable catostorphic asteroid collision?

No, he’s saying we can’t see those muffins.