Hyperlink-getURL problem

i am trying to make a link e.g. www.cnet.com

but whenever i make the link it tries to find it in a different location. this may sound a little confusing, ill show you.

my flash movie is located on www.geocities.com/my user name
and what i want to do is to make a link in a new window to www.cnet.com. but when i make the link it tries to find it in “www.geocities.com/my user name/www.cnet.com”

please tell me what i am doing wrong.

  1. i made a button
  2. for actions, i did

on (release) {
getURL (“www.cnet.com”, “_blank”);

  1. i uploaded the .swf and .html to my main directory
  2. when i click on the button, it goes to www.geocities.com/my user name/www.cnet.com , but since there is nuthing there, it shows me an error

thank you

um u need to have “http://” in your site adress otherwise it looks for in in ur root directory…you would get an adress like
http://www.apenguin.comwww.cnet.com” something like that…

its working!

thank you very much

no problem :slight_smile: