I am convinced

Well the old-timers might remember when I posted a topic about females being evil. Well I got hit again by a demon that was posing as an innocent 18 year old female. And I just wanted to vent, so I hope no one has a problem with this.

So heres the story:

I was going out with this girl, lets call her ‘%’. I was %'s second ever relationship. % and I went out for a while, and then school let out for the summer. % had to go to Poland to visit family, and then had Summer Classes at our school. During her classes I came to visit, and two weeks later she broke up with me. Her reason was, “We are going in two different directions, and I need to concentrate on my work.” I was upset, but it was ok, I got over it. We get back to school, and I read her profile for AIM and something about it makes me think that she is with another guy. That irks me but still no big deal. I ask her and she says that she is seeing another guy, but its nothing serious. I can’t really get mad at that. But then I find out from an extremely reliable source that she starting seriously dating this guy the day after she broke up with me. He was at summer classes with her, and everything. I dunno, I really hate being lied to…I didn’t deserve this at all I don’t think…For the last few days I have been hostile and ready to kill anything that moves.

The reason that I thought to write all of this is because of the other thread in which Dan lost his temper and flipped.

Dan: I didn’t read your posts because they were edited before I saw the conversation. But don’t worry about flipping out man, we all do it. I have been flipping out on everyone for the last few days. And I flip out on them to their face, not over a message board. If they forgive me, then the Kirupanites can look past what happened. We all know how it gets.

Oh well, I guess thats it. I have a few tutorials in the works, not really sure when I will be able to get them in because my 8:30 class is kickin my ass, and with all the girl-trouble I seem to be having =)

PS: that isn’t really the whole story but its the main points. I still think all females are evil in some form or another…

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that <I>all</I> females are evil - I’m sure that I, Renn and the other ladies who post here would disagree to some extent. We might have our hormonal moments, but we aren’t intrinsically evil, per se… :slight_smile:

But having said that, I spent five long years at an all girls school and I know exactly what women can be like. This is why I mostly hang around with men. A lot of women can be b*tchy and backstabbing. They’ll say one thing to your face and another when you leave the room. At least with men they call a spade a spade and you know where you are.

With relationships and stuff I think a lot of women tell guys one thing because they think it’s the best way of dumping them without hurting their feelings, but I think it rarely works out that way. It probably saves a lot of angry feelings all round if everyone is up front about things straight off, it’s just being able to do that.

So basically I don’t understand women. So what hope this gives men out there, I don’t know. I guess that for every girl who’s genuinely nice and that cares, there’s one who’ll happily put your heart in a blender and press the on button.

dont want to play Dear Abby, or Oprah or whatever generation. If she did as you say, she wasnt the one for you. I’ll tell you something else… When you meet “the one” the candle will burn at both ends. That means she will make you the happiest you’ve ever been and she’ll also frustrate you to no end.

To make it all work you have to… <cough> <cough>… you have t-t-t-t <cough>. Youuuu h-hve t-twooo…

lol I wasn’t really looking for a Dear Abby type of thing. I just need to vent sometimes. I think I use the board for this every couple of months. Its just another post that filters slowly to the bottom of the pile.

Kit: I realize that it is next to impossible to understand a woman, and I have stopped trying. With each woman I meet, a completely new complication arises. I just wish that I could meet a female that was upfront, and straight-forward with what she wanted. I am sick of playing these games. I would much rather she threw my whole body in the blender, my heart can’t take it…

Montoya: I know.:slight_smile: I don’t ever actually plan on meeting ‘the one’ however I do realize that the relationship would be both fulfiling and frustrating in equal amounts. I just wish that people would be honest and up-front about everything. I hate it when people play little games, and lie about things, just to make themselves feel better because by lying they spared some fools heart. Until he finds out the truth, a truth that devestates him.

The truth may hurt, but lies hurt more. Eh, well…forgive and forget.


Oh Juju - such a beginner in matters of the heart :stuck_out_tongue:

There is really only one thing to remember in dating (be it women or men, or whatever floats your boat). When they say “I need to concentrate on my studies/ career” or “I have no time for a relationship” or “It’s not you, it’s me” or any variety of excuses, it means only one thing: “I don’t want to be with you. Expect me to be asking out your best friend right after this.” :stuck_out_tongue:

lol such a cinic Reni.

I feel for you sir. They are rigtht of course… she wasn’t right for you and you should move on quickly.

I think that we men have gotten it into our systems that women have a naturaly evil side. After all, “nothing that bleeds once a month, and lives is natural.” (it’s not my joke I swear) But seriously I think that there is some truth to the matter. Women and Men both accept very readily that women turn into insane monsters during PMS. Think about someone sticking a hot poker in your gut once a month and ask yourself… do you blame them? It’s not really evil… it’s pain caused agrivation. We need to get over this aspect of our fear of women. Get over it and be compassionate to it.

Some women lie… it happens…however there are just as many men, if not more who do so as well in my opinion.

Men and Women tend to be conditioned by this type of behavior. Any female who seriously does the “bar” scene, in my area at least, is bombarded with so many false pickup lines, and heartless whispers of devotion that they have no choice but to become jadded to men in general… some will turn into what you call ‘evil’, after just a few years of that crap.

Then you have the women who are really just very nice people who have no ability to deal with conflict. Often when one of these lies to you it’s all about saving your own feelings. Perhaps they never will understand that it’s better to be hurt by an honest statement than a lie… or perhaps they never imagine that the men they are dealing with will discover their desception… but ultimately, even though it’s wrong, it comes from a good place in the heart. This is not evil… but nievity… and cause for (I think) 50% of the problems in a youth’s relationships.

Then of course you have the selfish person. These people will always exist on either side of the sexual fence and they will always lie, even just for the sake of lying. They will use you and abuse you until they feel satisfaction and then then will dump you.

Obviously none of this helps… I guess my point is… learn to spot different types of women from as early on as possible… avoid those you can’t deal with… seek out those who you can. If you find that she’s been ‘evil’ but that it was due to something like attempting to save your feelings… it’s sometimes worth the effort to explain to them in no uncertain terms how what they did was wrong. Some people are just young and don’t know any better… by calling them all ‘evil’ as we men are wont to do, you actually can create evil women… by having compassion for those who are salvagable… we help our fellow man/woman to work through their youth, or past problems.

If all else fails, place a steaming pile of dog crap in a bag, lite it on fire, leave it on her porch, hit the doorbell, and run. It probebly wont really help you, but it will give you something fun to laugh about at the next party.

Sorry to hear about your ‘dicking’ form the female sex man… I know how painful that is… I’ve been kicked quite a few times myself. Ultimatley though it’s worth the effort. It took me getting kicked enough times to find Laurie, my fiance. I would never have met her unless I had been brutalized by the others. Even though it didnt’ seem worth it some days… now that I have her, I can see that such things were just speed bumps in the road. (good suspension on this one. :wink: )

Hey Jubba

I wouldn’t let it get you mad at all. Women will always come and go. You are right though I think the majority of women, 75 - 80% of them are evil. I had to go through a few evil ones before I found a good one but they do exist. They’re like the Holy Grail of women but there are some that aren’t evil.

Phil: I agree completely. People insist that by lying they are sparing the other’s feelings, but in actuality they are only sparing their own by lying and hurting the others feelings even more when they find out the truth.

kat and renn are my fav girls. period. end of story. U guys just simply rock.

as far as women in general…well men lik dangerous toys and none is more attractice to men than a woman. :wink:

He’s such a sweetie. :slight_smile:

I think the thing is you get evil women and evil men. I was dating this guy last year who I’d known as a friend for years, but who turned into a real ratb*stard. Seven months without a problem, then suddenly he doesn’t call, see me or even acknowledge my existence. When he does eventually talk to me (about a month later) he says that he’s going through a bad patch at the moment, needs some space, yadda yadda yadda. I figure OK, and let him get on with it, then discover twoo weeks later that he’s actually got engaged (not just going out mind, but <I>engaged</I> to some dizzy girl that he works with.

Evil does not even come close. Still, he got what he deserved, as she turned out to be just as evil and they split up at Christmas.

Although maybe I’m a little evil for thinking ‘serves him right’. :evil:

There is nothing wrong with appreciating a little cosmic justice Kit… often we get to see little enough of it occuring… when it happens, smile and move on. :slight_smile:

In a Mr Burns type voice Excellent. :evil:

Seriously, I think that whilst these things suck at the time they happen (I know I was <I>furious</I> when I found out about the ‘engagement’) eventually time heals all wounds, and you move on.

Plus the way I look at it now, no matter how rubbish I was feeling this time last year, if that hadn’t happened then I wouldn’t have been asked out by James in the New Year, and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now.

So good things can happen because of bad stuff and evil people. :slight_smile:

Oh Ed - If I wasn’t already spoken for, I’d make the 30 minute drive to your house and stalk you :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s really not much I can say about the subject that hasn’t already been stated above in a more fashionable manner. All I have to add is: hey, at least he hinted his lack of interest by not calling… instead of you walking in on him naked on top of another girl! You just gotta have a sense of humor about these things in the end and remember, it could always be worst.

I know that time heals all wounds, and that I will move on, and I already have. Its just that certain things about humanity in general bother me, and it bothers me even more to know that there is nothing that i can do about it.

Kit and RenniGirl: I have to agree with Edwin. You two are awesome. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE]*Originally posted by RenaissanceGirl *
**Oh Ed - If I wasn’t already spoken for, I’d make the 30 minute drive to your house and stalk you :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHAHA :slight_smile: