I am developing an Artificial Intelligence Library for Flash (AS3). Interested?

Hello to everybody,
My name is Alan and I from Texas, US.
I am currently developing an Artificial Intelligence Library for Flash, and I already implemented Pathfinding algorithms (Dijkstra, and A*, which are pretty much the same thing, and also cooperative pathfinding), Steering behaviors, message passing systems, small math helper library (linear and quadratic interpolation, clamp methods, basic conversions, numerical integration and differentiation… basic stuff)

I’m about to release my library, and I will do it free and open source, so developers can commit changes to the project, add or enhance the library, and I would like you to test it and send me some feedback, what can be improved and what you would like to see in other releases.

I am just cleaning things up, structuring the whole thing, making some performance-wise changes to the code, and writing documentation, but it will be ready in a couple of weeks more (I’m estimating 2 weeks, since I’m a student and I can’t dedicate as much time to the project as I’d like)

I would like to keep track of people who is interested in this project, so I created this mailing list in order to do so:

I WILL NOT SEND SPAM, I am just going to announce to all the subscriber the release date so you can start testing.

Thank you!
P.S. I think I’m not creating SPAM, since I’m not getting any profit out of this, and I’m actually creating something useful for other users, but if a moderator or administrator think that this is SPAM, feel free to delete my thread.