I can load .swf now but some of the AS arent working?

for one of my .swf i load it is this… when i load the .swf on the button dynamically, the the .swf loads, but the code doesnt… which means that i do not have a text following my cursor? is there soemthing i can do about this?

Movieclip.prototype.elasticMove = function(target, accel, friction) {
this.xspeed = (this.xspeed+(target._x - this._x) * accel) * friction;
this.yspeed = (this.yspeed+(target._y - this._y) * accel) * friction;
this._x += this.xspeed + 4; // plus 4 for letter offset
this._y += this.yspeed;

phrase = “||||||||||”;
_root.attachMovie(“letter”, “l”+i, i)
_root[“l”+i].char = phrase.charAt(i)
if (!i) _root[“l”+i].follow = _root.mouseFollow
else _root[“l”+i].follow = _root[“l”+(i-1)]