I cannot put a movie from flash to a dreamweaver page

:-\ I have spent the past three days trying to learn how to put a flash movie into a dreamweaver pg. I can get it to the point where when I push “play” on the properties inspector the screen seems to attempt to play the movie but does’nt. The background changes but that is it. …Bill

once you’ve placed the swf file in DW save it and preview in browser.

that should get you’re movie playing

Thanks for the reply. So far no luck BUT you say a swf file. My file is a fla file. I will now try to convert it to a swf file and see what happens.

lol byeadon, that’s your problem.

the flash file must be in .swf format to be viewed in a browser. simply publish your flash file (shift+F12) and an .swf file of the same name as your .fla file will show up in the same directory.

from there, in dw, go insert>media>flash (ctrl+alt+f) and you’re good to go.

Many thanks! In all my searching I did not find how to convert to .swf. I’m sure it was there somewhere and I just missed it. I did publish my test Flash file. It was one of the most exciting moments I have experienced recently.