I can't achieve this effect in Ps! Help! :OO

Hi everyone! I’ve been using photoshop for a while but I see now that I’m still kind of a newbie and I can’t figure out the technique used in this picture! (Sweet Mena Suvari! [COLOR=#810081]http://img55.imageshack.us/my.php?image=menacolours2kb2.jpg[/COLOR] )

Well, I tried colorizing the bottom layer of a similar girl in a white background with blue and converting a duplicated layer to B/W and applying a gradient map, then playing with tons of blending modes… ■■■■ I even copied each RGB channel and pasted it in different windows and more blending modes but I simply can’t figure out the secret!! Pleeeease help!!! :crying:

Thanks for your time, and your help!! :smiley:

You’re thinking is making the process more complicated than it really is. Simplify the effect and try again. Before I give you the answer, see if this helps:

It kind of just looks like hes separating the color channels, like in those old xray glasses

this isn’t exactly the effect, i spent like 3 minutes on it. Hopefully this helps

You should try figuring the rest out on your own, if you really get stuck i can post directions for you

Wow thanks! I’ll try splitting the channels and look the results right away! Thanks for your help, I’ll be practicing and post the result soon =D

Wow guys! You were right, I was makin’ a lot of innecesary things hahaha! I simply entered to the channels palette and dragged one of the layers (green) and… Done! Woow, I feel kinda shamed… but happy XD (I still have to make that yellow area but now it should be ready in a breeze) =D

Thanks for your fast response my friends, I hope someday I can help you too!