I cant find the code layer

i cant find the code layer!!! \rim talking about the flash mx>advanced tutorials>creating a list box! this is the first time i am coming across the screwy formula thingo!\rand where to find all this in my flash mx?\rComponent.addItem() \rComponent.getSelectedItem() \rComponent.setChangeHandler() \ri dont have a full version of flash mx though.\rdo tell me if i we dont get this stuff in trial version!\ractually i scewed at the point where the tutorial says-\r"We use the Component.addItem () function I was mentioning earlier.\r \rIn the code layer, write this code: "\ri dont know where the code layer!!!

Oups. Actually, the evaluation version is the same as the normal version.\r\rAnd the code layer is a layer that you have to create. In your timeline, there’s a little icon with a ‘+’ on it, press it and it will create a layer. Double click its name (layer2) and write ‘code’. Now click the first frame of the layer, and open the Actions panel. You can now paste the code.\r\rIf I may say so, this is not the easiest tutorial to start with.\r\rpom 0]

to pom:\rI think you should check the tutorial page, cause the as code you provide in textarea isn’t correct (1st and 2nd textarea contain the same code), and in the .fla file (scroller_final.fla) there is no listbox at all.\r\rI hope you understand what I mean despite of my bad english.\r\rguglielmotell.

You can’t be serious… Darn !!!\r\rpom 0]

OK, so you’re right about the code, there has been a mistake. It should read :

 // Preparation :\r\rmonth=["January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December"];\r\r\r\r// 1. \r\rlist.addItem("Flash MX Release",new Date(2002,2,15));\r\rlist.addItem("My birthday",new Date(2002,4,9));\r\rlist.addItem("Flash Festival in France",new Date(2002,4,25));\r\rlist.addItem("I leave to Singapore",new Date(2002,5,11));\r\rlist.addItem("Christmas",new Date(2002,11,25));\r\rlist.addItem("Ilyas President",new Date(2012,7,23));\r\rlist.addItem("Cows come home",new Date(3548,10,13));\r\r

About the source, Kirupa must have copied the link to his scroller tutorial by mistake.\r\rpom 0]

I really do apologize for this mishap. I added the code you posted in the forums inside the first text box Pom, and I fixed the download source link to point to the correct file: www.kirupa.com/developer/…istbox.fla\r\rCheers!\rKirupa

Thanks !\r\rpom 0]