I changed my site again

I’ve added a spinning ligature to the home page on rollover, and redone the portfolio…I’m really tired of the contact page, but have no idea what to do there…

the sites will change in the portfolio, since I have just finished one project, and about to finish another…

any comments are welcome,


I likes :slight_smile:

Too big for my 800x600 monitor though, but nowadays I am used to that anyways.

thanks, I will look into resizing it… :slight_smile:

my bad… :stuck_out_tongue:


I have resized it, howz it look now?


To be completely honest… I think it looked better bigger.

With it that small the scaling of the images makes them look bad and the buttons don’t give the same effect for some reason.

cool, that is the input I need… :stuck_out_tongue:


ps… I changed it back, Lostinbeta is not seeing things… :x


so much better than the old one. beta change the res!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey rev, change it so that when you move your mouse out of the .swf where the spinning text is it doesn top. Was kinda annoying because I wanted to see what it said while I moved my mouse over to the buttons.



It probably won’t stay as it is for very long anyway…