I decided to record a cooking video!

One of our friends asked for a dessert recipe I made for a Christmas party, and my wife suggested I record a video version of it. With my wife taking the video and my daughter and Pixel providing background entertainment, here it is:

Not sure if this is one of those things I’ll regret, but I can only cook about 10 things, so there won’t be too many videos like these haha.

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Delightful video! (Relatively) simple deserts seem to be making a comeback these days, as opposed to things like elaborate cakes. I enjoyed the occasional pan-down-to-Pixel shots; cute cat!

I haven’t had panna cotta before, but the intent here reminded me of a blackberry pie my family makes for the holidays. Rather than milk+fruit, it’s dough+fruit, but the preparation seems similar in spirit. Tasty results.

Edit: You probably caught this too, but your video thumbnail has strawberries instead of raspberries.

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I just watched it this morning. It was great. It was a nice morning surprise :slight_smile:

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Glad you both liked it :stuck_out_tongue:

@krilnon - sadly, my emoji set didn’t include a raspberry image! You should record a video of you making your family’s blackberry pie :cake:

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