VS Code Live Server

@kirupa when you are doing the regular coding video tutorials. You can install a vs code plugin called live server to not to have to refresh the html page for each file update manually.

That’s a great point! I’ll configure that the next time around :slight_smile:

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@Wayne - I tried the Live Preview plugin today. Is this the one you are referring to?

@Wayne - I used it today, and it worked perfectly! Thanks for the suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

(I broke this out of the earlier topic to keep it easily findable!)

Another vote for Live Server. I download it via NPM every time I reformat a Windows machine. The support for VS Code is gravy on top.

I’m blown away at how well M$ has done with VS Code, quickly becoming my favorite editor over Atom or Notepad++.

I tried the Live Reload plug-in that MS makes, and that turned out to be inconsistent in reloading the page when changes were made. Live Server was perfect!

@VaiFanatic - completely unrelated, I just noticed that you are in Gulf Breeze! My parents lived in Spanish Fort for a very long time, and we would all go to Pensacola and Gulf Breeze every time I would be back to visit! :beach_umbrella:

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What a small world!! I spend most of my in San Antonio, TX, these days, but I eventually hope to get back to NWFL soon. My wife’s family is here and as are my own parents, so it’ll probably be a vacation home built on some property I own that we can head out to at our leisure. I do miss it an awful lot out there, it’s my hometown, after all.

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