I dont feel like designing

ok i know there are a bunch of threads on this. but whatever, this IS the random section.

i just dont feel like designing anything at all. i have no inspiration at all. i know, your all gonan say go for a walk, play some sports, build something, whatever… i get enough creativity, but im just so lazy and tired lately(past few weeks) i havent designed ANYTHING! i even downloaded the illustrator cs2 trial just to messaround with, and i wasnt motivated to use it at all so i just let it expire without even using it… designers block, big time. i think its because i have no REASON to design. i know that you dont always need a reason, but i usually do some freelance work ,then i design randomly after that. meh. someone give me something to do. i really wanna do some t-shirt illustrations, or some big posters that i can print and hang in my basement. ANYTHING PLEASE!