I Dont know where to start!

Ive started using Fireworks for about a couple of weeks ago…Its so Simple:) …But then i heard about Flash Mx and i started to mess around with it hopeing that i would figure some pretty cool stuff out…But i didnt…I dont know where to start!:frowning: I dont know how to make a 3d object or add shadows…It would be cool if you could cover a Full site Tutorial Kirupa…Thx =)


Yeah, that would be cool, Kirupa…:stuck_out_tongue:

And concerning 3D, drop it, man, go for Swift instead, it’s designed for 3D…

pom :asian:

Even though I’ve just made a very nice 3D engine in 25 lines, mmhh…=) What do you think, Kir, open source or tutorial?