I Don't Need This

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How can I get rid of this small icon in the UR corner of Visual Studio Code?

It’s called minimap, I’m not at the computer but try:

View> show minimap

If that doesn’t work then:

If you’re talking about the code preview and not the split editor ([|]) or more actions (...) buttons, you might find that useful later on, especially with larger files that allow you to see more of your document at once. You can click anywhere in that preview to scroll to that place in the file which is nice.

Hey! That was a good guess for not being at your computer - View MiniMap brings up
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 8.53.44 AM
which is just what I needed to get rid of the feature which I found annoying. What is the point of having such a small postage stamp size icon anyway? You can’t make out anything on it and it doesn’t seem to reflect the content of the current open page.

Is code preview the same as Minimap? I suspect not since clicking on that small postage stamp size icon doesn’t seem to enable any scrolling activities in the file.

Yeah its the same. It won’t scroll (if you’re just clicking) if you’re document is too small to scroll. For larger files, clicking on the preview/minimap will take you to that location.


It also acts as a large scrollbar where you can click to drag to scroll, even for smaller files.

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When I went to check after this thread, it seems I’ve uninstalled visual studio code from my computer in the recent past.

I was using it briefly when first playing with unity because it seemed to be universally recommended. There were some internment issues with code hinting, and I started using visual studio, which comes w the unity install.
Visual studio seems fine, free, and always works.

Why do you guys like visual studio code instead? What sorcery am I missing? (I’m sure linking to unity is not a concern of yours I don’t think either of you are using that).

I recall reading it’s lighter/faster was one reason

That’s pretty much it right there.

Ah - good to know the subtleties of MiniMap - namely that it only scrolls if the file is large enough to merit this procedure. Great!

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There are some things too for me which I also do not need, but you have to go through some things or face some things which you do not like this is the rule of coding.

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