I don't understand how the components work

Hello people. I’m building a new website and I came to the point where I have to use components. If you visit www.exca.be you can see I have put scrollbars on places where the possibility exists that the text is bigger than the space provided.

Anyway, these scrollbars are just plain white. They are also like this when I put them in my flash-document. They snap good, but it’s folder (with images) doesn’t appear in the library, only the “UI Scrollbar” itself. The text isn’t long enough, but I bet they don’t work.

Not knowing what to do I proceeded to my gallery. I have bought a gallery as a component and put it in my flash document. In there, everything looks fine except for the images who are not there yet. But also, no folder appeared in the library (although I don’t know if the gallery should do that or not in normal behaviour).

When I rightclick in the library on either the scrollbar or the gallery, and then click properties it says “Create an instance of this swf symbol and edit its properties using the Parameters paner or Component Parameters Panel”. I don’t understand that either…

So I tried in a new blank flash file. If I drag the scrollbarcomponent on the first frame I have, the library this time does have a folder with the scrollbar’s images.
If I go to the properties, I dó can access everything.

So what’s wrong in the flashdocument of my website, it’s only there where it happens.
To give you a idea how everything sticks togheter: everything after the preloader is placed in one movieclip. The preloader itself is builded in the root.

Thanks in advance