I feel I owe everyone an apology

…for that outburst of mine a couple weeks ago. I know this is the second time i’ve done this and if anything, it has actually helped me. One of you made me realize that I had a major problem with mood swings. Only then did I try suppressing my rage here on the forums.

I also want to say sorry to Kirupa (and I guess the rest of you) for stepping out of line and giving someone mod privileges without consulting you. I hope this doesn’t change your see claudio as a member here. If there’s any negative attitude against him as a result, please take it out on me since it was my doing after all.

I felt that giving myself another name might make me give myself a better feeling of starting anew. The more and more I used it, I eventually became my old self again, so changed it back.

Anyway, I’m back in full swing, and now that finals are slowly coming to an end, I can finally get back to working in flash/mysite/helping others. I love this place too much to ever want to even think of leaving again. So from now on, the only way to force me out is to delete my account, ban my IP, burn my computers, erase my memory of any computer literacy, and perhaps put me in a coma.


:stuck_out_tongue: a phew (see, look what you’ve done) beers? while studying for exams, yeah right.

actually, to be honest with you, i’ve had one so far, but don’t tell the authorities, i’m still underage. :wink:

It’s good to see you back, Thor. :slight_smile:

phil, didn’t homer say that :wink:

Yes, I do believe it was indeed Homer :smiley:

the internet is a beautiful thing



Yay me :beam: