I feel silly! attachMovie problem


i am working on a menu with sub menus and am using attachMovie for the first time.

i have an mc inside which there are 3 mc buttons:


the linkage name is “subnav” and export in first frame is checked.
i have an empty mc on the main stage called “subholder”

on the main stage i have these actions on a frame:

mainbutt.onPress = function(){
subholder.attachMovie("subnav", "subnav1", 5);

ok, so far so good. When i click mainbutt, the subnav movie is attached and everything is perfect.

here is the problem.

now i want to ad code on the main stage to get the sub buttons to do things.

so i wrote this:

subnav1.butt1.onPress = function(){

just to test my pathing. Well it didn’t work!

other pathing i tried:


i’m being an idiot and doing something wrong. Can anyone figure out what?

if i name the instance of the attached movie as “subnav1”, then why am i having trouble dealing with it once that mc is attached?

sure its something simple, cheers