I finally got it

some of you may remember a post i made several times a while back about getting a movie clip to play both forwards and backwards infinately. this is for a virtual tour that i’m doing with panoramic views that are in mpg format so i need the user to feel like they are spinning around in the room (no i dont have quick time vr) so the movie needed to play in both directions without skipping or stopping at the end.

i finally got it!
an awesome guy on http://www.friendsofed.com 's forums for flash named Pickles23 helped me out with this one. i implemented his solution and got it to work.

here’s the file if anyone is interested or ever has a need to make a panoramic view.

Hey!, thanks a lot for posting that! I really nice of you. I was trying to do a thing similar whith a wall the other day and this can solve my problems. :stuck_out_tongue:


very glad i could help. i know the problem vexed me for some time so i’m glad to know i wasnt the only one :slight_smile:

have a nice day.

i kno a kid that did it too, just coded it, he smuged pics in photoshop together and just put them in the movie, it never stoped though, just a continuse thing, if this helps some one i feel good lol.