I Got A Job! (And various other goings on...)

OK so first of all, sorry I missed my “Happy Birthday” from everyone (predictably started by Seb!) but there’s been a good reason I’ve been absent…job hunting.

Anyways, I got one! It’s for a company in London called Wheelhouse Creative and the position is “Online Developer”. I got the job on the same day I did the interview and I start on the 3rd of October! I’m insanely excited plus the pay is £21,500 which is way over what I was pitching for!

Another reason I’ve been gone is that I moved and my new flat doesn’t even have a phone socket! AND…after getting one installed earlier today, I rang up my ISP to transfer my account to the new house and they said it’ll take around 15 days! Just for a transfer! Can anyone explain this? But most importantly “Hello again to you all!”. It’s good to be back.