I got Problem with xml for image handler

i made a code from flash that will display images
from movie clip and now im using XML to handle images.
but then the problem is my image wil not display,
Actually i want to display my image each movie clip with different animation.
And now heres my XML code.

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=utf-8" standalone=“yes”?>

       &lt;pic id="1"&gt;
            &lt;image&gt;raw/sample. jpg&lt;/image&gt;

        &lt;pic id="2"&gt;

and now heres my flash code that will suppose to work out w/ XML
i just dont want to use arrays for this, i just want to call them through user id from XML tags.
if possible ^_^?

 my_xml=new XML();


function loadXML(loaded){

 trace("error and wont work");

this.img1.loadMovie(pic [id=1]); <-- DID I MISS SOMETHING PART IN HERE?
scale = 40;
img1._xscale = scale;
img1._yscale = scale;