I have a predicament on my hads w/my flash movie

Okay, my page 3Dcody.com I have a problem w/my movie, If you click the “news” button on the left, then the news appears on the right. Well that is great, but my problem is this. Say they click on another link. I want my “news” to fade out and the other link to fade in. Great, thats not so hard, the hard part is this. I want more than just 1 link. So how can i do it so no mater what order they click the links, that they will show up right.
:evil: make sence?:evil: :-\


um…nope. Can you describe a bit differently?

you want several windows to come up?

one window to come up and the open one to close?

all windows present?

okay, looky my page 3Dcody.com see on the left. if you put your curser over it, news apears. Then click it. then news apears/fades in on the right. Okay now below news is “gaphix”,which is not linked to anything yets, but i want it so when u click on graphix, “news” on the right fades out and graphix would fade in…

follow me?

i could do this. Have News fade in, then when they click graphix, that it fades out and then graphix would fade in, in its place. But I have more than one link…and i can not predict in what order they will click my buttons…follow?


use a varible like “goTo” that is set to where you want to go when a button is clicked. Then at the end of each text fade out put an if(goTo = “”) and depending on what goTo reads have your text MC jump to the propper place. This is a very simple way of explaining it - I hope you get the idea. Post any more questions, or if you need more info. Remeber there are always many ways to do the same thing.

Okay, but where do i declare the “goto” name for them… like goTo = “what do i put there” and where do i delcare that?

oh, is there any way u could send me a sample one?

I’ll send you a sample… just hang on.

sweet, my email is [email protected]

I think this is what you need.

see attached

wow thank you so f’n much! omg thanx! i will examin it tonight! thank u so much! u are a life saver! thanx!