I have a problem getting the value of the combo box to show in a text field

[FONT=Courier New][FONT=Verdana]I have 1 form text field,dynamic called txt2, I have the combo box called cb_instance that i’m trying to get the value selected from the combobox to show in the text field.

I can get the value from the event object using trace but can’t seem to see how to get it to show in the text field called txt2.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.[/FONT]

var cbox:Object = new Object();
cbox.change = function (cb_evenObj:Object) {
txt2.text = cb_evenObj.target.selectedItem.label;
trace (txt2.text);
cb_instance.addEventListener(“change”, cbox);[/FONT][FONT=Courier New][/FONT]