I have a problem, there may be a solution... (wrapping text around shapes and scroll)

Hi people,
first of all I ask you to look at picture a.jpg.

As you can see I have a text wrapped around a picture of a car. The text follows the shape of the car.
To do like that I had to work in fireworks reducing the font size and in some line I had to reduce space between letters (note, one line = one text field -> crazy (-: ) to make it perfectly around the car.
Customer wanted me to have non antialiased text, because this one it’s too smooth and hard to read, I must agree…:td:

Look at pic b.jpg

This is non antialiased text, still a png in fireworks, still a horrible solution.
As you can see it also gives strange stretch artifacts…;(

Now look at pic c.jpg

It’s just a horrible PS simulation, don’t worry, about the graphics…
this may be a good solution:

-load the text from a text file or an XML (easy)

-auto wrap the text around the car (impossible? I can’t figure out how… Maybe recreating the shape with the brush in flash and using something similar to the hit test? I really don’t know…)

-scroll the text between all those text line (not very easy (for me :slight_smile: ) but can be done)

Maybe it can be done with just one text field? Or one per side?
If you can figure out a good solution please let me know… Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue: