I Have MAJOR Question

I need a tutorial or some one to tell me how to to make this in flash:

I need to know the action script and where it goes for:

(example) someone puts ABC in the first text field. Then in another text field, it comes out backwards so it would say CBA when someone presses a button

Well, i was working on something, but my computer froze and Flash shut down. Its been doin that a lot lately. Anyway, I won’t have a file up for you. But take a look at this tutorial:


read the duplication code. Understand it. and then you should have a pretty decent understanding of how to do what you want to do. The only tricky part that I couldn’t quite get, was putting them in the reverse order…

you should take this one to the Actionscript forum…

but, here is your answer.


_ _ _ _ mystring=inputa; //inputa is the name of inputbox
_ _ _ _ i=mystring.split("");//take input and split each word
_ _ _ _ i.split(",",i.length);//make an array from each word
_ _ _ _ i.reverse();//reverse the array
_ _ _ _ myvar=i.join("");//join array itms together in string
_ _ _ _ //myvar is var for dynamic text box

Hope it helps!

never new about the reverse()

where did you get that code from?

reference in MX. :slight_smile: