I hope someone has done this!

I do know how to load an external movie clip into itself from a main swf, but I was kinda looking to do it in reverse order.

What I am trying to accomplish basically is load 1 of 20 avi’s converted into swfs’s at the user’s discretion 1 at a time into a blank swf.

So it would be an html page with 20 links of training videos. the user could choose any of the videos in any order.

From this point I would want the training Video SWF they pick to load into the blank, at the end of the video they would get credit and the video would unload from the blank.

Then they could choose another video to load into the blank from the other 19 video’s left.

Since there are 20 videos swf’s to choose from of varying lengths how would I set it up for each one of them to load into the blank at any time.

Am I explaining myself ok? Thanks for all your help in Advance!!! Jesse H

Hi again, it’s hard to beleive no one has done this?..anyone?

It’s not that we haven’t done it, it’s just that your question is rather daunting. Why not break it down into smaller questions?

Start with this. You could have a menu that uses loadMovie to load a training swf into _root (which would replace what they were seeing before). Then, at the end of the training swf, have the training swf load the menu.

Thank you for your response, I have the menu system you are speaking about, just a little different. I have an swf with 20 training video buttons that load the videos in any order into itself, since this will be working with ColdFusion as an application I wanted to see if there was anyway to have the buttons outside of Flash, then those buttons would load the external training videos into a blank somehow, maybe by passing the variable.

Thanks again for your response! JesseH

Maybe I’m not understanding your question. Now, it sound like to me that you want to have a button on web page that will launch a new browser page which contains the embedded swf? Like:

<A HREF="training01.html" TARGET="_blank">Training Video One</A>

It could be done that way and I had thought of that, but If I did it that way, I would end up with 20 html pages, 1 html page for each of the training videos.

What I was looking to do is have 1 html page with 1 empty (blank) swf in it.

on the left side of the page would be 20 buttons representing each of the training videos(not in the swf but on the html page itself)

when a training video button is clicked (from the html page) it would load that external training video into the empty SWF.

again, thanks for your quick responses! JesseH

I may have to go with the original menu system idea and keep the buttons inside the swf instead of having them as buttons on the html page. thanks for a good try though! JesseH

OK, so what you’re trying to do is to control a loadMovie from HTML, is that it? If so, check the Best Of Kirupa section. Otherwise I don’t get it.

pom :asian:

Yes that’s it…I want to control the loadMovie from an html button…how do i get to the best of section? I need to find that. Is it in the tutorials

It’s there http://www.kirupaforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1242

pom :asian:

Thanks to everyone on this question especially the last reply! you are all great! thanks JesseH