I made a tutorial!

Hey everyone,

I made a tutorial, which is an upgrade version to Pom’s ‘MX Cookies’ tutorial. I made it so that it tracked how many times a user has been to your site and in the tutorial I showed how to make a Flash Site with an intro, and if the user has already viewed the intro before (it finds that out by searching for the .sol file (Flash Cookie)) and it skips them to a menu screen that tells them that they have already viewed the intro before and if they want to see it again and if so it will do this and if not then it will bring them to the main site!

Here is a demo that is still in the works, ignore the text about the statements and the number because it was just one my my dynamic text fields I used to manually debug problems I had and still am trying to figure out…but check it out and tell me if it works for you and if you think it will be a worthy tutorial!

<a href=http://methodan48.tripod.com/sharedObjects_v2b.html>Shared Objects: Version 2</a>

Hey Dan !
I just wanted to tell you that I’m honoured that you decided to make an “upgrade” of my tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

It works all right, but there are numbers appearing, I don’t know what they mean (66, 77…). Or maybe it’s the textbox you were talking about.

Anyway, nice job.

pom :asian:

heheh, yea sorry bout those boxes, but that was the beta test version showing the frame number because I was had to manually debug it because my if statements were all jacked up!

Hey dan,
Would it be possible for you to send me the files again? I seem to have lost it in the great “Format of July 4th”…backed up the wrong set of e-mails.


They should be sent…i sent them at about lunch time today, about 6 hours ago give or take an hour.

Dan I’m very interested in your tutorial…Any diea when it will be out?


I should have it up on monday, I have to be able to get to my work where the files are on my work Hard Drive