I need a bigggggggg help


I need make a drag and drop mc, something like that:

6 options (ex. circles), if i drag one circle(grey) to a new place, and if is the right place the circle change to green, wrong place change to red.

I try, but cant do anything. Please help me!

(sorry my english)

this is for MX


theClipYouWantToDrag.onPress = function() {
	this.onMouseMove = function() {
		this._x = this._parent._xmouse;
		this._y = this._parent._ymouse;
theClipYouWantToDrag.onRelease = function() {
	delete this.onMouseMove;
	var colorObj = new Color(this);
	colorObj.setRGB(this.hitTest(theClipWhereItShouldBeDropped) ? 0xFF0000 : 0x00FF00);

maybe something like that… ?