I Need a Fish

For anyone out there who likes to draw, can someone draw me a picture of a fish? Im trying to make a little aquarium animation where fish swim around in a tank filled with bubbles. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: (I know its kind of an odd request)

hey u can send pm to kit, i think she’s great wid her hands(pssst… i have already told her this) she can do it if she has time and if u r lucky enuf

:wink: I will try



hahahaha. Thanks coppertop

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School of fish :slight_smile:

The moment you have been waiting for people: fish

hey! you used my fish! haha!

yup :slight_smile: we should convince kit to draw me a better one. Not that your fish is bad coppertop, its just kinda pointy. and it has no fins…or eyes…or any fish like qualities…but its a good fish!

boo ya!

hang on, I’ll draw an ASCII fish

Hey grandsp,
I found a few good-quality (and royalty free!) fish at the following URL: http://dgl.microsoft.com/ The Clip-Art formats are usually in WMF*, so you can copy them into Flash, and they act like regular, grouped shapes.
*You have to first download them into the Clip Art Organizer (comes as part of MS Office), and then from the CAOrganizer window, you get the opportunity to copy and paste. You will only get a GIF version if you copy directly from the site without downloading it to your Organizer.[/SIZE]

Kirupa :ub:

cool. thanks kirupa


see now I have to learn to use arrays properly so I can have lots of different fish. could i store the fish in an array and randomly pull a fish out and them do all my movement stuff to it?

ps - coppertop, i would rather use your fish than microsoft’s :slight_smile: Not to mention that the microsoft fish quintuples my file size. to a whopping 8k.

haha. thanks coppertop. ill put up the two versions, microsoft fish v coppertop fish and see the general consensus.


Good luck small (big) fishy!

Here we go guys. The 2 fish, coppertops, and microsofts.

coppertops here

take a look at my goldfish, i m not good at this :stuck_out_tongue:

people, just a tip, but use higher frame rates!!!

Im talking something like 30fps