I need a non-bias option! MYSQL OR SQL?

I am looking around at companies that make e-commerce solutions. The two types fo database that they use is ether MYSQL or SQL? With MYSQL of course they will use php etc, and SQL will use asp etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two types? I need the solution that will the most reliable. About cost i really don’t care since basically SQL only cost a little more for a SQL host.

See one company saying around 10,000AUSD to 20,000AUSD and 3 months for MYSQL.
While another is saying under 10,000AUSD taking 2 months for SQL.

Personally I like MYSQL since its a more fliexible and runs on linux (a more redunant OS for hosting). However, it will take too long, never mind the cost I really need it done in about 2 months. BTW if i said anything wrong about MYSQL PLEASE prove me wrong! i’m am leaning over to using SQL but IF its really not good for ecommerce then I’ll use MYSQL.

ALSO i heard that many of the Major ecommerce people use SQL (microsoft btw) such as Ebay etc.

BTW the ecommerce applicayion i’m trying to get done is like a shopping cart but different and needs to work with Commerce software eg MYOB. And no you can’t get a premade one it just wont work.

THANKS! and remember lets take “money” as a factor out. i’m mainly concern about time and reliablity.

p.s. i know most of you HATE microsoft but please NON BIAS opionion and only factual information that has been proven from a reliable source.

Ahh ok.

my fault i didn’t make it clear from the beginning. What i am trying to get done is a software which will take care of payments, inventory, shipping, checkouts etc. Basically a shopping cart however, i need to get it customised since the shopping cart i need it very different to existing ones.

And this shopping cart will be hosted on a external computer (web host). I’m not setting up a server, this is too expensive.

What i am really asking is what database type should this shopping cart run on, MYSQL or MS SQL? RIght now i want it to be built on MS SQL because its faster and cheaper to get built.

Another question was when using MS SQL what language used be used? eg. asp etc.

So i hope that makes it clearer.

ALSO when using MS SQL i will need to use a .net server, this is where you got confused. I was just saying that i will be getting a host with .net, i’m not setting up a server.

In short, getting software compeleted (I will likely go with MS SQL), which lanuage used be used (I heard MSDN is good but i can also use asp), when going with MS SQL databases will use .net hosting.

Ah, ok, that clarifies it…

What I would probably do is:

mySQL <-> PHP
M$SQL <-> .NET

You will save money going with php / mySQL … hosting will be a lot cheaper and so will a dedicated server if need be.

Yeah thats what i found out. I know lots of people love MYSQL but really for businese prupose MS SQL really is the best way to go. Like you send its good how ether it goes in or not, if it wasn;t like this it would cause lots of problems.

I was looking at orcale BUT its very very hard to find people who use it and they usually charge more. I think MS SQL is better. BTW whats so good about orcale

There’s a saying in the business world (OK, in obscure corners of the IT world) that goes something like:

‘A good DBA is second only to a good accountant’

Good database admins cost a lot of money, and that’s true for MSSQL, Postgres, and Oracle. Knowing how to optimize a DB is classic theory (you can take courses on it at any 4 year college, and I have), but applying that theory to the real world is challenging - you have to be able to watch a live DB, modify the structure, push the changes back to the developers, tune their queries, tune the system (occasionally rewrite parts of the system - a lot of the work on FreeBSD lately has been pushed back by Yahoo as they find limitations of the threading implementation).

Oracle is fast. It’s very fast. It also supports some advanced concepts (transactions, rollback, etc), which until recently, some of the free databases lacked (specifically MySQL). It also runs on Unix platforms, which MS SQL intentionally lacks. If you were building a very large system that had to be up 99.999% of the time, you don’t plan a base on Microsoft, unless you want to pay out the nose for some clustering server package. You can go with Oracle on Unix (Solaris, Tru64, HP-UX, AIX, Linux, FreeBSD), for a fraction of the cost and have a really good chance of hitting the uptime numbers you need.

ahh i c.

What would oracle use as its scripting language?

BTW, a web development company wants to use MS SQL databases with MSDN. Is MSDN good?

I don’t believe msdn is a language, as far as I know it’s just a group of people on microsoft. msdn.microsoft.com is their site, and it just has all sorts of code documentation and stuff. I believe it only deals with asp.net for server side stuff, no jsp or php or anything.

Oracle can be used with about any language you want.

Structured Query Language. Databases use SQL. It is pretty much the same between databases but there are slight variations in SQL between databases. So if you know SQL you can handle Oracle, MS SQL and mySQL.


ahh ok.

Well thanks everybody for the tonnes of responces. really did help alot!