I need at tutorial... or help... whichever comes first!

What I am doing is creating an interactive CD-ROM with Flash… Ok, I know this isn’t the best program to create this project with, but that’s all my employer has given me… (better to create it in Director… I think)


I want to be able to conduct a search within the Flash movie.

For example…

Up at the top of the menu bar is an icon with this: ? : in it.

When you click on it, you get a pop up window.

In this window, I would like to be able for the person who is using the CD-ROM to be able to type in a word (in this case it would be a Sculpture name or a Sculptor’s name), click on the “enter” button and have their query show up on the screen.

Can it be done?

If so…


Do you want a real pop up, or a Flash pop up ?? The second would be easier, I think.
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