I need help please!

Hi there! I need some help! There is a website called humble bundle, for those of you who do not know it is a website that sells video games cheap and donates the majority of the proceeds to charity! Super cool right!? SO I looked at the bundle today and it has 3 games on there that I really want! ONLY PROBLEM IS I HAVE NO MONEY IN MY PAYPAL AND no debt card! Sucks to be me right? Anyhow, I can’t get a greendot card to put money on my paypal account till I get paid some money next week, and then the bundle will be over! Any kind soul out there want to donate me $1.00 USD via paypal!? It’s only a dollar to get these games! I can pay you back the dollar if you want on 2/7/2014 ! I promise I will pay the dollar back! :slight_smile: Thanks for anyone who read this!!
My paypal is [email protected]