I need help

I have a lil problem when I make swf for webpages,
and I try to run it , it shows a blank page before it loads
How can I creat a loading page?
please holler at me as soon as possible:pirate:

you mean the preloader?

i’m prbably wrong cuz this is in the swift 3d section but from what i could tell from your msg it seemed like thats what you wanted…

Can you explain your problem a lil better? I´m a bit confused :-\

your after a preloader!!

Look here in this site under tutorials for a preloader!!

Any problems just post again, but do it in the Flash Section, Flash 5 or Flash MX whichever one your using!!


a preeloader…

[SIZE=1]stupid, stupid me :crazy:[/SIZE]

Yeah guig0 !!

Need to do a tut on Preloaders??

Let me know ill send u the link

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

No thanks dude!