I need help!

I am trying to find an tutorial that tells me how to make preloaders for movieclips… have a look at this site to see what i mean www.2advanced.com . When the site is done loading press any of the top links “Profile, Service etc etc”
and a “loading module” animation will take off… I wanna
know HOW u make these preloaders ??? im in serious need
for help so guys or girls pls help me :slight_smile:

ohh and i dont wanna know how to animate them but rather
the actionscript behind it all… tnx again =)

hhhmm… I think 2advanced used loadMovie on those screens with different SWF’s for each segment and a preloader added as well. Or maybe Eric Jordan used fake loaders for each MC.

Just my 2 cents

Well, you want to use loadMovie to bring in a clip with some content, but you don’t want it to display before all of it has downloaded.
So, you use the classical (if _framesloaded !=_totalframes)-condition in combination with a timeline-loop in the downloading clip:
Frame 1 holds text: “Loading content…”
Frame 2 actionscript with if condition which loops back to the first frame for as long as the condition is not true (all frames have loaded in), so you’ll see your"Loading…" flash on and of, and as sson as all the content is there, the if-condition becomes false and the content, starting on frame 3, plays…
This is the basic idea, can you work this out, or do you need the script? Look here:

thanx eyezberg !

ya ill test this right away and it will prolly work :slight_smile:

ill let u know if there is any problems…

tnx again…


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