I need logo critiques

This logo is for a river transportation company :h: . Any suggestions are wellcome… :ear:

Looks good. I’m wondering what it looks like without the gradient.

I`m not a big fan of using gradients in logo, but I think in this case it works. Just see how it looks without it… :-/

it seems like the gradient’s main function is to change the contrast between the green and the yellow. maybe a slight white glow around the text would work. this way, you have the contrast, but the whole yellow part isn’t gradient. just a thought.

I like the second one better although the yellow does seem pretty bright.

Also, why not tuck the bottom text up closer to the ROMNAV text?

I like the logo without the gradient, on my screen it looks like the opacity is fading over the lover portion of the helm, that’s a helm right?.
I like the overall design, good work

it looks good but lopsided to me…How about using the wheel upright? I think it will be a little more balanced that way.

I like it, what would it be like with out the drop shadow on the wheel?

I like the non gradient version better, the gradient looks to artificial IMO…

Have you tried using the O as the center of the wheel and make the O yellow, not having the center of the wheel inside the O ?

Looks good, i like the style of it and how that o is put in place. Great job!

This is what I meant by using the O as the center of the wheel. I also moved the “Transport Fluvial” text a bit.

I liked the ideea with yellow “O”, but the problem is that this logo will be on ships and it has to be legilbe from big distance. :h:

This is how it looks without gradient and shadow. What you think?
Thank for all comments and ideeas… :beer:

ok nvm, I like it better with the shadow :hugegrin:

Edit: on second thought, I like it without the shadow :beam:

keep it up!

I like that last one very much… try experimenting different color combinations and post’em here…

(ps: where are you in Europe :beam: ?)

I like the last one the best. But My second favourite is the one with the yellow O. What would that look like without the drop shadow?

In my opinion I think you’ve nailed it. The last one looks great.

Nice logo! Just make shure it is vector, so it can be reused in brochures, TV, etc.

With the yellow O and without shadow isn`t legible.
I like the last one too, now check out the colors is this one: :huh:

ps to mlk: Why do you wanna know where am I? :beer: