I need some gift advice here

A co-worker is leaving on Monday, well it’s here last day anyway, to go and backpack across Europe.

I want to get her something, but I am not sure what. I was going to try and keep the price down under 50 bucks. Do you guys have any idea what I could get her? She doesnt need music or a camera and I know she really can’t carry TOO much.

So… any ideas?

bear spray…

funny… but no.

A gift basket with chocotlate, and maybe a wine bottle.

Woman love bath and body crap, maybe some type of perfume.

A map of Europe! :thumb:

If I remember right you’re engaged or possibly married, so I doubt you’re trying to seduce this woman. I’d get like 1,000 Power Bars or something.

One of those tiny, wooden clocks from a furniture place like the Bombay Company?

I´m with Digital, something for the skin or face…they like those type of things (I think), or a watch :wink:

How about a large tube of really, really powerful glue?

Her? Europe? … My adress

She can crash annytime :slight_smile:

Sushisource´s idea is not bad at all…

// cool super-minisite slumgutt :smiley:

how cheap is gps now adays? possibly…

or go with chocolates :thumb:

I’d say an all in one compass tool thing

How about just giving her the 50 bucks?

Oh, and thanx berkowitz! :slight_smile:

You could get her one of those really nifty Travel towels that pack down really small and dry you better than a real towel and also they dry themselves. From soaking wet to bone dry in about 10 minutes. I use one for my job and they are great. Within your bubget too.


I think ive got a good one, since I just bought a new one…How about getting her a blank book, like a journal, so she can write down here experiences on her trip?

Yeah, thats also a good gift. Plus chicks dig journals… hehe

Hey that’s some great ideas guys… keep them coming please!

How much and where would I find one of those small towels?

How much and where could I find an “all in one” cumpus?

The small towels cost around 25 Great British Pounds (thats for a large, which you will want) so in dollars im guessing about 35. Get them from any outdoor clothing store. Or even www.gromp.co.uk very shortly, but not shortly enough i persume.