I need some help

I’m building a game for school.

The problem is: I’m not a coder. I’ve chosen Flash because i heard that it was “an easy way” of making games.

I’m building an aquatic shooter (a spearfishing game). Kirupa.com help me a lot!!! But I need help. I’ve got a moving diver, randomly moving fishes but no bullet!

I’ve tried the tutorial but it didn’t work! I can’t fire!

I got the rope tied around my neck, the teacher gaves us 3 weeks and time is running out…

thanks a lot

The tutorial works or else it wouldn’t be up there. What didn’t work for you, or what didn’t you understand?

well, good question :wink:

I’ve created a MC of my projectile, adapted the code of the tutorial but something went wrong. One of the problem is that the projectil must be fired in the lower right corner’s direction, and I just don’t know how to make it aim in that direction!

I would have attached the file, but it’s to big for the forum…

yea which tutorial?

you can make the bullet an mc and make it play when pressing the mouse or something…

the crab’s tutorial…

so is the diver restricted in his movement then?

i’m still sorta confused :-\

hum…the diver should be restricted (a bug i should fix!)

he must shoot in a specific direction because it’s is the way I made him…

I’m not sure if this would wok but an idea would be to get the axis of the y and x for the thing you the spear to shoot to (since you want it to always go to the point no matter what right?)

and then make the spear go to that x and y?!? Might not work, not sure :-\

post the file, i’m sure its just a problem with the registration point of your diver.

the file is too big… the only way to do it is by e-mail

tried a few things today but nothing is working…