I need some input

I am in the middle of developing a site and am unsure about how to structure it. I am experienced in the standard DHTML practices, but have desided to use Flash in order to keep the load time to a minimum, (site is graphics heavy ((mostly .png files))).
That’s enough back ground…
What I was wanting to know is how easy is it to cross intergrate flash with DHTML? Or would I benifit from developing the site completly in flash?

Thanks for any help that you can offer.


Dhtml is amazing at times… I have seen some really great things done with it, at great cost and effort to the creator however. I have not really looked into it much but from my experience with other dhtmlers’ your trying to mix oil and water here. Do you have a link to the dhtml site you are talking about?

None as yet.
I haven’t up loaded anything.
but I have seen first hand what you mean by “oil and water” I have a client who('s) web site needed an animated back ground as a “Water Mark”, and I attempted to use a flash ani. in place of a -YUCK- (bad quality image) .gif, and any of the additional stuff that I placed over the animation (navbars, etc…) that were developed in D/HTML just disapeared when the ani. was running. As best as I could figure, Flash required that the screen “re-fresh” with every new frame that played, and this caused the contents of the floating boxes (or invisible frames if you will) become invisable.

Thanks for you help.


You still can salvage all the dhtml you have though. I remember when some drug company switch over and saw that…