I need some sound advice


I have a movie of three scenes, each with a seperate loop of music that I repeat and fade between scenes.

Everything is fine except for the end of the final scene. I can’t get the music to fade away to nothing in sync with the end of the scene and yet I do it with the previous two scenes.

Furthermore, if I preview the offending scene within Flash MX I get one situation and then when I export and preview with the web page, I get a different situation.

Because the I have managed to work with the first two scenes, it would suggest that I know what I am doing but clearly I dont !

Ant ideas please


Advice:ugly girls and beer don’t mix.

are you preloading? you might wanna check this out:
also how are you fading the sounds in the other two scenes that differs from the last?

I am applying the same methods to the last scene as I am the previous two. I am pre-loading but I don’t think this effects the end of the movie (?) Maybe it’s the loop ?

I really hate situations like this because its probably something really obvious but I just can’t see it and I am excessively stubborn about fixing things.

Maybe I need a shrink ?

Happy New Year !