I need the code for displaying movies

my question is to diplay random files , and i have given the code as
mcMain.btn1.onRelease = function() { //btn1
var movieArray:Array = new Array(“holes.swf”,“slideShowFinal.swf”,“publish 1.swf”,
“publish.swf”,“animated_gradient 1.swf”,“mutplShpTwn.swf”,
“fadeUpNDownFinal 1.swf”,“invisibleFinal 1.swf”,“fish.swf”,
“mtnTwnTxtFinal.swf”,“instances_done 1.swf”,“seaweed 1.swf”,
“fadeUpNDownFinal.swf”,“mutplShpTwn 1.swf”,“snooze.swf”,
“snoozeFinal 1.swf”,“mtnTwnTxt2.swf”,“snoozeFinal.swf”,
“slideShow 1.swf”,“instances.swf”,“p4.swf”,“preloader 1.swf”
“slideShow.swf”,“slideShowFinal 1.swf”,“preloader.swf”,
“stopAndPlay 1.swf”,“stopAndPlay.swf”,“loadMovie.swf”
“nav-bar1.swf”,“motion_tween.swf”,“inputText 1.swf”,
“projector.swf”,“dynamicText.swf”,“projector 1.swf”,
“sequenceFinal 1.swf”,“mtnTwnTxt21.swf”,
“castle 1.swf”,“bkgdSound.swf”,“seaweed.swf”,“untitled.swf”,
“siteComplete 1.swf”,“castle.swf”,“loadMovie 1.swf”,
“gotoScene.swf”,“fish 1.swf”);//these are the 60 flash movies
var movieTotal:Number = movieArray.length;
var randomMovieTotal:Number = 20;
var randomNum:Number;
for (var i:Number = 0; i < randomMovieTotal; i++) {
randomNum = random(movieTotal);

but its not working for me.
and one more question is “where i need to store all these movie files. either in samefolder where the flash file is placed. or make it as a seperate folder and or in the flash file library”.
and one more thing is “how can i place these 20 files in a order like declaring the dimensions on the screen.
do i need to put in a CSS.if yes how can i do this.”
i was new to the flash
please can any one help me out.
Thank You.