I Need * (wildcards!)

hey dudes & dudettes-

i need wildcards!!! cant find them in mx…are they there?



where i have billions of mc’s named sequentially (mc1-mc999) and i want them all to stop on frame 5…


Here ya go:

for(i=1; i <= 999; i++) {
    massJump = "mc" + i;

Hope I helped!

thnks flashtabator(dan) - great handle btw

i used this before in a slightly diff way with setting up
an array of vars…

just wanted something so i dont have to declare seperatly each time

got my head stuck round the fact that i wanted *nix or even(DOS)
– straight up wildcard vars.–

gimme the * !!!

thnks again for jogging the ol grey matter anyway though

cheers dude

(you guys here at kirupa blow the other forums out of the f*ing H20 in reply speed)

well… after a long weekend away i came back to find this doesnt work…

for(i=1; i <= 999; i++) {
massJump = “mc” + i;

the command that does work is (since mc’s are in _root…):


so i tried:

_root.massJump.gotoAndStop(5);    //as well as   
_root."massJump".gotoAndStop(5);  //and

even changing massJump = “mc” + i; to massJump = “_root.mc” + i;
didnt work!!!

whats up?

Can you e-mail me the .fla and I can send it back to you, I can fix it quick but I need to see visuals when I code something that involves refering to instances in different parts of the movies:

[email protected]


pom :asian:

funny as it may seem… working on 2 computers, 1 with internet 1 without…

so cant send fla…

is it just that flash has a prob. sending commands to mcs that
have been referenced as a variable?

just want to get _root. added on the front of the command…


they’ve said it on here before…

pom, you rule!

cheers mates!