I neeh help about preloader and menu

Hello :slight_smile:

Can anybody answer me in two questions?

  1. Is it possible (and how) to set some timeOut for disappearing of a submenu. I mean the following – I have built a menu with sub-menus. On roll over of the main menu, it is appear the submenu. When the mouse is over the submenu, it is OK – it is visible. I need to set some timeOut on it, so if the mouse is outside, submenu to wait (timeOut) before disappearing, if the mouse is not back again on it.

  2. I had made a (flash) movie clip, and now I need to insert a preloader. For this purpose I have created another layer and (at the first frame) I set the preloader. Then I have shifted all other clip’s layers one frame forward. So… The preloader runs well, and after it is finished, my (old) clip starts. Here is the problem – Now the clip’s quality is very bad. More exactly it has rough edges. Can somebody tell me what is the possible reason, and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


well for the preloader is always good to make an extra scene and put it in front of all others.It keeps the movie clean.About the timeOut thing i haven’t try it yet so i need to experiment a little before i can give you an answer :wink: