I really need help please. fla file

Hello All!
I’m having problems on my invisible buttons. I’m putting invisible buttons that link to an URL. I can seem to play the animation when the invisible button is there. Can anyone please help me and tell me what is wrong? I included the fla file.
Thank You

you wrote:
[AS]on (rollover) {
this works:
[AS]on (rollover) {

That didn’t work for me.I tried it. it only plays once and movie clip stops.

Your script isn’t making much sense…

You don’t have a MC to play on the rollOver.

Did I miss something here?

It’s the new tutorial just posted on Kirupa
I was trying to place invisible buttons to link them. It’s not working for me :upset: Here is my file so far

Here you go jdogg (see file).

Here’s the script:[AS]on (rollOver) {
//mc1 is the Instance Name of the rollOver Movie Clip/Component.
on (rollOut) {
on (release) {
getURL(“http://www.kirupa.com”, “_blank”);

Wizard thank you! Now I get it. I had to name the component. rollover the the instance name. then rollout w/stop. THANK YOU!!
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