I really need help!

ok, the movie explorer (actions) tab at the bottom right of flash that you click. to get to the actions window etc…

well anyway, i opened it, moved it down low so i could view the movie i was working on, it went behind the movie, and now when i click the movie explorer or (panel > action) it wont “pop up” it stays hidden. i can’t add anny actions or change them. even if i right click on the layer and chose action, it wont show, the tab becomes highlighted so i know it is showing, but off the screen???

help, im stuck dead in the water here!

inside flash choose window-- panel sets-- default layout

it will place your panels back to the way they were when you installed the software.

i love you man!!!1

LOL…im jelous…no one ever said that too me…ecept my girl :slight_smile:

hehe… it was really important to get that info…

i was stuck and couldn’t do any flash at all.