I think I am going mad.. 24hrs no sleep.. Help

Please I apologize if there are any typos… No sleep…

I have a Flash Video Player system setup to show live game play of Madden on our intranet, but my boss wants to pre-roll .swf files of like, company news and other BS… sorry; just tired… Before the actual game video footages begin.

How do I tell the Actual video to wait until the .swf pre-rolled videos has played.To then begin and play.

I don’t want them playing both at the same time.

I have it setup for example, when you click on a video thumbnail it calls the .swf file and the actual video file. I need to make sure the video file does not play first.

I thought of making it so that the user clicks play after the .swf file, but is there anyother way with .as?