I think this is a loader issue

I have an xml loader that loads thumbnails into an array in a display object container.

I click on a portfolio button, it loads the thumbs fine. Works great.

I click on another portfolio button, the thumbs don’t load, but their corresponding larger images load when I click their indexed thumbnail location.

I think the problem is that the loader is not “unloading”, but flash will not let me do that, because it is an array, not a display object, per se. I have also tried removeChildAt(0), but that only removes first thumbnail and, again, does not load the rest. Is there some way of “unloading” an xml driven array, and then loading it again with new data?..on click? any examples?

I’d be happy to post my atrocious code, but I was hoping to avoid that because I feel as if it is confusing.

Thanks, smart people!:drool: