I thought I might give it a try

I just turned 16 and I thought I might give it a try to become know on the Web. I created this site for personal use just so that I had something to call mine on the web. I used Flash MX to create the site. Most of it was inspired by many different sites like Superhere.net and Devlab.swift3d.com. For example the radio is sort of like the one on Superhere.net and the window resizer was taken from Devlab. I created the the 3D Background in Swift 3D. Every game and movie on my site are modefied tutorials from various sites. When I say modified I mean code revised to Flash MX standards from Flash 4, like the dot syntax method. Also every game and movie were customized to my look and feel. Lastly, to the games I added featurtes like the high score board. It is just a basic site showing my skills at creating and revising Flash content. :asian:

The Site: :evil: http://www.paradiselimos.net/mgam/

Email: :stuck_out_tongue: [email protected]

i love that window resizer, cool as s.h.i.t. :slight_smile: keep on rocking!

No one likes to reply to my sites. I usually only get one peson. There should be a review for a review system. Hint Hint For those people. :evil:

heh yeah maybe :slight_smile:

so… anyone else got any feedback? :-\

I like it. Much better than your other submission if you ask me. Did you program all the games on your site? Cos I’d be interested if you could answer a few questions…

pom :slight_smile:

I used tutorials that i found. some of the code in those games are mine but for the most part they aren’t. i could try to anwser some of your questions but i am not that good with actioncsript.

i like ur site…and i know what its like to be 16 and trying to get ur name around…hehe

I like the graphics on that dream girl thing…animations pretty good too. Tetris it fun too :slight_smile:

Altight…sorry for not commenting… :slight_smile:

its ok :stuck_out_tongue: