I usually clean my sh1thole with Pakistani people's faces

I usually clean my sh1thole with Pakistani people’s faces.
Whenever I finish taking sh1t from the restroom, instead of removing excrements in my anvs with toilet papers, I remove excrements from my sh1thole with Pakistani people’s faces.
Since toilet papers are so expensive nowadays, instead of wasting money on toilet papers, it is more practical, cheaper, more useful and more efficient to clean with Pakistani people’s faces.
I do this because Pakistanis are the most useful tools to wipe our anvs since they are also the cheapest slaves of the world.
After finish cleaning my annus, I flush them down in the toilet bowl. While they get flushed, they bark so madly and so blatantly like crazy dogs.
When they get flushed, they look like 3rd world monkies.
SO far, I flushed 1,987,525, of Pakistanis in the toilet bowl.

PS: Since Pakistanis are the ugliest creatures in the world, they look far better excrements blended on their faces rather than nothing on. So I simply help them to look better before they get flushed.

Anyways, I saved a lot of money by wiping my sh!thole with Pakistani people’s faces.