I want just the outline

Hi, I am using big lettering, but I just want the outline of the lettering, how would i go about doing this?

finsih writing out your letters and break it down to shapes using Ctrl+B (or Modify > Break Apart) a couple of times until you just have fill shapes. Then use the ink bottle tool to add lines and press delete to delete the fills. wa-lah! outlined letters!

Thanks man, u know ur ****!

but ain’t that gonna take ****ing ages?

Ahh no worries, i just learnt how to use the ink bottle tool, thanks for the help man!

… it would be easy if you used a font that was made just to look like outlines :slight_smile:

Which font would that be?

there are lots. Some are normal fonts but have outline versions of themselves. look through your fonts and see if you have any. If not try going to a free font emporium and searching for some, or just look through the fonts until you find one you like