I want to make a Nepali Random Name Generator

What’s the full process for it? Don’t I need an API for names? We don’t have that yet. So, how will I do this? Can you guide me step by step? without telling me any code? I’m planning to do this in javascript so that I can deploy the application on the web(blogger).

How do you envision this working? Will users visit a page, click a button, and a random name will appear? :slight_smile:

yes. The prototype is ready. I was surprised that this simple project requires node js and react js. (node js for file handling). reactjs for giving a frontend because you’ve used node js.

How are you loading the names? Is it from a file?

If you are familiar with React, then great. If you are not familiar with React, I strongly suggest you stick with plain HTML, CSS, and JS and avoid React for now. The NodeJS part is mostly for building your project and previewing the output using a web server. Both of these you don’t really need, for it is an artifact of creating your app in React.

Just create a front end using react and since there is no api for the Nepali names, create a names.js file in your frontend and store all the names in an array. And simply loop over that array and get random values from it. Ofc this is a very simple implementation. For the names, just search online for “Nepali names “ and copy paste it into your names file.

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Once again I forgot to answer this and others have covered the main things but Ill drop a few links here incase they interest you…

Someone did what you want to do here in the most simplest way. You can see the js for it here…
…three arrays, male, female, lastname…randomly pick and show.

GitHub - techgaun/nepali-names: Huge Collection of Nepali Names
An extremely large collection of names, over 8000.
GitHub - mesaugat/nepali-names: Searchable collection of Nepali names in English.
The app they made out of that list. All react and firebase. No idea why they felt the need to use firebase. Ive got an interest in doing something with this as an exercise and so got rid of the firebase and just made it use those previous .txt files. You said no code but if you want it just ask.

I’ve already made the app. Wondering where do I host it.

Github Pages?

Do you need php, js (node), woteva?

I already hosted it now in gpages. I’d like to do that in blogspot blogger google’s blog as well.


EDIT: Host on ghpages, show on blog post with iframe.